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Zinc citrate, zinc gluconate, zinc bisglycinate, with so many zinc supplements to choose from, it can be hard to pick one! Why so many? It’s not easy for the body to absorb zinc on its own. Attaching zinc to other compounds can help enhance its bioavailability and absorption. Natural Factors offers a variety of zinc supplements to meet your needs!*

As one of the most important essential trace minerals for human health, zinc deserves more attention than it gets. Zinc is involved in many functions throughout the body, and not getting enough each day can impact our well-being.*

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Sufficient zinc intake can help prevent deficiency and support healthy skin, hair, and bones, energy metabolism and tissue formation, and immune function.* Zinc has been researched for concerns such as non-cystic acne, immune health, and supporting macular health.* 

You can experience the many benefits of zinc by supplementing with either lozenges, tablets, or capsules. Learning more about the differences between various zinc supplements can help you choose the best one for yourself and your family. 

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