As citizens of the world, we believe in paying it forward and giving future generations the opportunity a healthy, happy life.

“Teach a child to plant a seed while they’re still open to learning, and see what grows.”

Roland Gahler, Founder and Owner

You - Our Customer

Where would we be without you, our customers? You enable us to express our deep care for people and our planet. We are connected because we care about the same things –from small things like backyard gardens to big things like cleaning our beaches and saying goodbye to plastics. The future is brighter because we are all doing what we can to make a difference.

Stories from Our Global Community

Some do only what they have to do, but we do all that we can do.

Roland Gahler, Owner & Founder

Making a Difference

Caring about people comes naturally to everyone. But with the complex and busy lives we lead, it often requires ongoing and purposeful effort. At Natural Factors®, it is our privilege to find creative and meaningful ways to show people we care.