Vaccinium macrocarpon

Natural Urinary Support*

Our Super Strength Cranberry Concentrate is made from high-quality, 100% whole cranberry fruit solids. This means that it has the full range of vitamins and minerals found in whole cranberries.* By concentrating our cranberry extract, every serving gives you antioxidant protection you would get from drinking pure cranberry juice – without the added sugar.*

Did you know that cranberries have been used for centuries? For many people, these tart North American berries are too lip-puckering to eat fresh. Thankfully, cranberry extracts offer similar benefits to their fresh counterparts.*

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Thanks to its high proanthocyanidin levels, cranberries do an excellent job in supporting urinary tract health.*  


Natural Factors CranRich® is a great option for daily support of a healthy urinary tract in either convenient softgels or capsules.*  

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