Pharma GABA®

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

Fast-Acting Stress Support*

Natural Factors uses superior-sourced Pharma GABA, naturally produced by Lactobacillus hilgardii, a beneficial lactic acid bacteria used in the making of the traditional Korean vegetable dish known as kimchi. Pharma GABA has been clinically shown to be more effective than synthetic GABA in helping soothe a racing mind.*

Is stress putting your mind and body into overdrive? Ease feelings of occasional overwhelm and tension with fast-acting Pharma GABA®, a natural form of the calming brain compound gamma-aminobutyric acid, simply known as GABA.*

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Relax without drowsiness today!* Clinical studies have shown Pharma GABA’s role in promoting feelings of relaxation and maintaining concentration.* 

By increasing the production of relaxing alpha brain waves and decreasing the production of stimulating beta brain waves, Pharma GABA leads the way to better focus, sleep, and calmness.*  

Supplement with Pharma GABA daily with either convenient chewable tablets or vegetarian capsules, or use as needed to ease acute mental, emotional, or physical stress.*

Health Benefits