Alpha brain waves on demand 

Originally discovered in green tea, L-theanine is responsible for matcha’s mellow buzz and has the ability to support calm, relaxed alpha brain wave activity.* This is the brain’s mode when we are in the flow state, or peacefully in the moment.

Anyone can feel stressed, frazzled or overcommitted occasionally. Thank goodness there’s L-theanine. This amino acid provides a natural, non-habit-forming way to quickly take the edge off stress and nervous feelings.*

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At a certain level, stress and nervousness can impact mental clarity, performance, and the ability to sleep. L-theanine supplements promote relaxation without causing drowsiness, also helping to support concentration and clearer thinking.* Although it won’t make you sleepy, L-theanine’s knack for calming a racing mind helps people sleep more easily and sleep more deeply.* Fast-acting Stress-Relax® L-theanine can be taken as needed at any time of the day to help regain your balance and control in occasional stressful times.* Combined with ingredients to promote slumber, L-theanine plays a starring role in Stress-Relax Tranquil Sleep.*

Chewing just one Natural Factors DGL tablet before each meal will give you the long-standing benefits of licorice root without the side effects or strong flavor of regular forms.* 

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